Massage Training Program – Level 2 – Sciences & Advanced Body Work


Massage Training Program 

Level 2 – Sciences & Advanced Body Work

Love for Massage.  Passion for Excellence in Massage Education.
Dermal Science International massage therapy instructors work hands-on with our students to ensure they receive the proper training.

Dermal Science International Aesthetics & Nails Academy massage therapy instructors work hands-on with our students to ensure they receive the proper training.

The Level 2 (Sciences & Advanced Body Work) massage training program consists of  194 total hours which is broken down as follows:  112 lecture hours and 82 hands-on hours.

This is the second level of the massage therapy program and expands upon the introductory topic. Much focus is given to the sciences related to massage therapy such as more advanced anatomy and physiology, and pathology. Additional core topics are introduced such as career and business planning, other aspects related to massage therapy and new techniques. Students will also leave this level with the groundwork knowledge of ethics and related topics. This level concludes with the second round of clinic rotations and another practical test. Students are expected to begin to adapt massage to the individual in this level based on contraindications and/or preferences.

Pre-requisites – Level 1 and successful completion of Swedish Massage practical exam #1. Two additional professional massage sessions from (max of one per therapist counted), at least one must be from practioner outside of school (one may be same as used previously, other faculty member or outside school).

  • Anatomy II, Physiology II (Muscle & Skeletal System) – 50 hours (45/5)
  • Pathology I (20) & Contraindications II (4) – 24 hours (24/0)
  • Swedish Massage II – 41 hours (1/40)
  • Intro to Deep Tissue Massage – 10 hours (2/8)
  • Intro to Movement/Kinesiology – 10 hours (8/2)
  • Professionalism/Ethics (8)/Boundaries/Psychology – 14 hours (14/0)
  • Eastern Systems – 10 hours (8/2)
  • Business I – 10 hours (10/0)
  • Chair Massage II (includes field work) – 9 hours (0/9).  This second course in chair massage includes refinement of skill and practice on general public through special organized events.
  • Clinic Rotations II – 16 hours (0/16)

Students continue to practice, on the general public, the general Swedish massage techniques for full-body. Additional emphasis is placed on individual needs/requests, and adjustment of pressure and areas.

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